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Cover art by Allison Sommers. Art by Joe Fenton. Art by Jun Cen. Art by Andy Van Dinh. Art by Ho Sin Tung. Excerpt of comic by Alexis Deacon. Excerpt of comic by Gareth Brookes. Excerpt of comic by S.J. Harris. ART postcards!

The day of reckoning has come!

Announcing TINY PENCIL IV : The Death & Resurrection Issue!

Featuring: Pablo Auladell - Rachel M.Bray - Gareth Brookes - Jun Cen - Laura Cochon - Joanna Concejo - Alexis Deacon - Shohn DeSoto - Andy Van Dinh - Joe Fenton - Joshua Goymer - Celine Guichard - Steven (S.J.) Harris - John Kilburn - Céli Lee - Jeonghee Lee - Robert MacKenzie - Milou Maass - Isabella Mazzanti - Bart Nijstad - Claudia Piras - Josephin Ritschel - Lara Robinson - Bene Rohlmann - Nick Sheehy - Allison Sommers - Yoko Tanaka - Page Tsou - Ho Sin Tung

72 + pages of all-graphite art, illustration and comics! Featuring cover art by Allison Sommers(!), each limited edition, perfect bound copy is number-stamped by hand and printed on FSC-certified paper. 

£11 at http://shop.tinypencil.com/ 

(We ship worldwide!)

Also! Bonus for tumblr-ites! The pre-order period is over for the ART postcard special but if you quote “TUMBLR” on your order we will still send you a selection of free ART postcards! (Since we were SLOW to post this on tumblr!)

Until next time, happy pencilling! 

(Tiny Pencil IV was designed, directed & edited by Amber Hsu with John D. Kilburn, Nick Sheehy & Ysabelle Cheung.)


My rabbits in @tinypencil IV. Available to purchase from: http://shop.tinypencil.com

New Interview! Jun Cen on creating atmospheres and the poetry of life and death.


Hey we pulled our first prize draw winner out of the hat! More winners to come! #Drawathon Repost from @ceremony99 @tinypencil #drawathon AASB #pencil #graphite #drawing

#drawathon Repost from @tommyd77! #pencil #drawing #art #illustration #tinypencil

New Interview! Susannah Kelly on her Antler Gallery and memories of Beatrice Wood. http://tinypencil.com/susannah-kelly-interview/

New Interview! Artist Matt Craven talks seaside inspirations, mixing up styles, and supermarket trolleys. http://tinypencil.com/matt-craven-interview/

Matt features in Issue 3 of Tiny Pencil! Available here: http://shop.tinypencil.com/

New Interview! Artist Dace Sietina on stars, seagull connections and looking at art from a scientific angle. http://tinypencil.com/dace-sietina-interview/

Dace features in Issue 3 of Tiny Pencil! Available here: http://shop.tinypencil.com/

New Interview! Fairytales and Nightmares: the fantastical world of Tobias Tak.

Tobias features in Issue 3 of Tiny Pencil and we have a number of signed artist proofs of Tobias’s work available here: http://shop.tinypencil.com/

New Interview! Ghost, dreams and magic: the illustrations of Jennifer Parks.

Jennifer features in Issue 3 of Tiny Pencil available here: http://shop.tinypencil.com/

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